Side effects of sedating a horse

19-Jan-2018 13:05

This dose will result in marked sedation, suitable for carrying out minor surgical procedures with the use of a local anesthetic.

When tranquilizing horses for minor procedures, such as clipping, braiding, or for shipping, doses of 0.5-1 mgl100 Ib.

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Perhaps the late, great horseman and reined cowhorse legend Greg Ward summed up training great horses the best when he said, “You know how they say, ‘Genius borders on insanity?

’ Well, that’s kind of where I put them, right there on the edge.” To the edge A dirty little secret in today’s performance horse industry, both Western and English, is the uncontrolled use of psychotropic drugs—sedatives and tranquilizers—that allow competitors to hold their horses at the edge without sending them over.

Acepromazine is a very useful tranquilizer that depresses the central nervous system, causing sedation, relaxation, and a reduction in involuntary movements.

Chronic exposure to bute is more likely to cause signs attributable to the gastrointestinal tract.” Clinical signs of toxicity include diarrhea, colic, ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract (seen as low protein and/or anemia on blood work or as ulcers on an endoscopic examination), poor hair coat, and weight loss.

WHILE SOME HORSES TOLERATE A FULL DOSE WELL OTHERS WILL BECOME MARKEDLY ATAXIC AT LOWER DOSES. Oral tranquilization however can be achieved by use of a related compound, promazine hydrochloride, which comes in granules and is given along with a normal amount of teed. When given intravenously, full effect is reached in approximately 15 minutes.

With intramuscular use, a full 30-45 minutes should be allowed (occasionally longer).

Phenylbutazone, or “bute,” is one of the most commonly administered prescription drugs in the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) family.

When used properly, NSAIDs offer relief from pain and help in the reduction of inflammation and fever.of body weight will usually prove adequate and leave the horse with enough muscular coordination so that tailing is not a serious problem.

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