Dating cast iron cornbread stick pans

08-Nov-2017 02:17

It’s my favorite tool in the kitchen and if I’ve cooked a meal, chances are at least one dish was touched by my iron skillet’s surface, seasoned by almost a hundred year’s worth of food memories.If I think about it enough, it almost gives me chills to think of all that history gracing each meal.Lard or coconut oil can also be used (but not olive oil as the wiki How article above states though, since olive oil has a low smoke point and shouldn’t be used in applications like this). You know that sticky coating that you can feel on old pans, cookie sheets, muffins pans, and other baking pans?This comes from using the industrial vegetable oils that have only been consumed regularly since the 1950’s (and we know cast iron’s been around a lot longer than that).

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I did a lot of research and what I read over and over again was to use this to season the pan: canola or a vegetable oil as I had always tried, but bacon grease.By this time my sad, neglected pan was rusty, but thanks to the internet (not around during my first attempts), I found out how to re-season the pan fairly easily.

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