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Of course, in their thickly carpeted living rooms with low ceilings and drapery covered windows, they did not get it.Thus, Laurens Hammond needed to find a way to add reverberation to the living room.Well, this one uses unashamedly old technology, albeit with a bit of a twist, but it certainly scores very heavily on the latter point.Fender’s Princeton model, the smallest of their dual 6V6–based combos, has been through a number of iterations in its lifetime, but it was the iconic ‘Blackface’ model that Fender chose to recreate as part of their Vintage Reissue Series.While the dampening springs were housed in long tubes filled with oil, one of the springs transmitting the delay signal ended in a short tube which, by varying the amount of oil in the tube, varied the decay time.After modifying the reverb to create many echoes, it was perfect for Hammonds needs. But size was not a problem because all Hammond organs came with a separate tall Tone Cabinets which contained speakers and reverb the unit.This 40 year old example of the Silverface era of CBS Fender came into the shop with a reverb and vibrato issue.

Besides, no article in the Dating Fender Amps by Serial Number series would be complete without some interesting information, n’est ce pas?

The 1967/68 period was when the new owners of Fender swept away the classic ‘blackface’ control panels across the range, replacing them with a new and eye–catching silver livery.